Core Dev Sprint

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Core Dev Sprint

This may be the last opportunity before Drupal 8 is released for all core developers (and wanna-be core developers) to put our heads together and take Drupal 8 a few more steps forward. 

Featured at this year's core dev sprint:

  • Twig / Front end sprint
  • Multilingual sprint

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About the Summit

Core development Sprint

The core dev sprint at BADCamp is a place for Drupal core developers to get together, code, talk, and solve problems. With the imminent release of Drupal 8, we still have a lot of problems that need solving, and having everyone in the same place, and the same time, helps get things done.

Experienced core developers will be sitting and quietly (or not so quietly) working on patches. Contrib developers will be upgrading their modules and themes to Drupal 8, providing feedback on the process, and getting subsystems updated to accommodate the upgrade process. New contributors will be learning how to reroll patches, and getting familiar with using the Drupal issue queue. There's plenty of work to be done, and people of all ages and levels are welcome.

Come make a difference in the future of Drupal and in your future too!


Palace of Fine Arts @ Forest of Illusion (on the second-floor mezzanine)

Open: 8am—Th/Fr/Sa   10am—Sun
Close: 6pm—Th/Fr/Sa   4pm—Sun

Pre-conference and late night sprinting @ Pantheon

Wed 9am onward
Th/Fr/Sa 6pm onward
Sun 4pm onward

Pantheon717 California Street, San Francisco, CA.

Post-conference extended sprints @ Chapter Three

Mon 9am to TBA

Chapter Three300 Beale St #101, San Francisco, CA (entrance is through a courtyard a bit down Beale St.)

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If you would like to attend the core dev sprint, please add your name to the spreadsheet, here: