Enjoy Drupal: Site Building Basics - Friday

Friday, November 7 2014
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Learn how to build your first Drupal website from the ground up through interactive, lecture-based instruction and practical real-world examples. A full day training consisting of progressive beginner topics in the morning (content creation, content types, fields & views) followed by mentored advanced topics and feature building in the afternoon.

This event is geared towards those who are unfamiliar with Drupal and would like to learn how to build their first website from the ground up; however all are welcome to attend and learn best practices or refamiliarize themselves.

  • Introductions
  • Exercise 1: Creating Content
    • Creating a Basic page
    • Creating an Article
  • Exercise 2: Content Types
    • Adding the testimonial content type
    • Adding fields to testimonial content
  • Exercise 3: Views
    • Creating our first view
    • Placing the Testimonials block
  • Exercise 4: Taxonomy
    • Adding a vocabulary
    • Adding a term reference field to a content type
  • Additional topics will be covered as time allows.
  • Recommended Resources
  • Getting involved locally
  • Closing