Front-end Summit

Event Title

Front-end Summit

Thursday, November 6 through Friday, November 7 2014
Registration opens at 8am.
Summit runs 9am-6pm.

Thursday's topics center around Drupal 8's theme layer.

Starting at 10am, we'll have the leaders of all the major changes in Drupal 8's front-end on hand to walk us through the stuff that is new, different, better, or outright deprecated.

After lunch, the afternoon will be devoted to D8 front-end code sprints. Those who'd like to get their hands dirty with D8 and getting their hands on with the new theme layer are highly encouraged to stay, give D8 a spin, and hopefully help make it better.

Friday is about All the Things

Starting at 9am, we will feature a big mishmash of front-end related short talks and panels from a spectrum of speakers and practitioners throughout the Drupal Front-end universe.

We'll be talking about things like performance, testing, tools, creative process, and whatever else strikes our fancy -- the speakers have been given tremendous latitude in their subject areas and been instructed to just 'make it interesting'.

We'll have short talks in the morning and into the afternoon and wrap it up with a mega-panel where we'll talk about where we think things are heading, share experiences from the trenches, take questions from the audience, and get really opinionated about things.* 

Speakers include:

Jesse Beach
Morten Birch-Heide
Ian Carrico
John Ferris
Darius Garza
Megan Erin Miller
Meghan Pelagyi
Sam Richard
Sally Young