Drupal - Senior Developers & Team Leads

About Blink Reaction:

Blink Reaction is an international open source digital agency with offices in NJ, Boston, and multiple locations in EMEA. We are a leading provider of open source consulting and development services specializing in enterprise delivery of large scale Drupal solutions. We specialize in three main business areas:

1. Professional services 

2. Lifecycle Services long term backlog maintenance for your existing portfolio of sites

3. Blink Institute our rapidly growing training and solution adoption group

Combining these capabilities with a network of strategic delivery partners means we can offer enterprise clients a full lifecycle solution suite to develop, maintain, and strategically enable users on Drupal based applications and websites. Our portfolio of clients include fortune 500, major universities and a network of strategic partners. It's an exciting time to be part of a growing business as we look to double revenues in 2014. We are looking for adaptable, collaborative and driven team members to help us grow our team.

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Sr. Drupal Developer:

A developer has 3+ years of experience developing Drupal and LAMP applications. This person can code custom modules according to coding standards and best practices. They can test the quality and security of the code they write and will often handle complicated backend tasks such as migration, search customization, and web service programming.

Daily responsibilities:

-Builds custom modules and libraries.

-Builds secure, scalable backend solutions for our clients.

-Writes database queries and logic.

-Export and configuration of Features, Installation Profiles, and variables to support their code.

-Investigates problems with community modules and patches as required.

Team Lead:

A Drupal Architect with 5+ years of Drupal experience that is capable of leading teams, managing technical staff, and has strong communication skills. The team lead is well versed in the technologies we specialize in, such as Drupal. Architecture experience preferred, with a well-balanced knowledge of our 

offerings. Should possess open-source and community soft-skills.

Project Responsibilities:

-Manages day-to-day utilization of team members.

-Provides mentorship to team and technical peers.

-Works with the Solutions Team and participates in strategic technical process discussions.

-Responsible for the final technical delivery of projects within the team. (i.e. Ensures our checklists are met)

-Reviews technical solutions and estimates delivered in the presales process.

-Works with the Project Manager to divide requirements into tasks for team members.

-Contributes code to a project as required.

-Export and configuration of Features, Installation Profiles, and variables to support their code.

-Contributes to the open source community as part of a regular cycle

Team Responsibilities

-Proactively manage issues, provide direction and feedback for staff

-Assists Project Manager in capacity planning and proactive utilization management

-Escalates staffing issues to management


-Creates quarterly MBOs for team

-Sets team MBOs with Project Manager, and prepares and delivers quarterly reviews to technical staff

Contact Us:

If this description is you - don't waste time - contact us. Get ready to join an exciting rapidly growing team where we take pride in not only delivering top notch solutions for our clients, but also in working with the best and brightest in the industry! If its not you but you have a friend that may be interested in a job at Blink we have a refer a friend program and you can earn $2k.