Experience Analyst/Information Architect

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Phase2 needs problem solvers. We work for big clients with big problems, who need a wide array of help, ranging from executing on their pre-determined visions to building full-scale solutions from an initial set of high-level requests.   We need big picture thinkers who can help clients plan their technological futures, so our Solutions Analysts need to be aware of emerging technologies and trends while also being passionate about how the web works and where it’s headed.  In short, you’ll need the personal drive, spark, and adventurous attitude it takes to build a strategy that satisfies stakeholder needs and turn that strategy into a digital reality.

The Experience Analyst will translate the client’s business needs into a functional approach, work in lock step with the development team to build the system on budget and on time, and ensure the overall quality of the work through delivery. You will write documentation and test plans, produce wireframes and process flows, train clients, and be responsible for ensuring that the product delivered is the product envisioned. Candidates must have at least 4 years of applicable experience. Familiarity with content management systems (CMS) is a plus. Intellectual curiosity is a must.

Our Experience Analysts come from a variety of backgrounds, including development, consulting, project management, and traditional business analysis.  All share the common profile of being skilled across a multitude of disciplines, passionate about solving problems, and curious about how the web works.  If you think you fit this profile we encourage you to submit your qualifications for consideration.

Your duties:
The Experience Analyst directly leads requirements gathering and analysis activities, including functional design and all client-based needs definition and verification activities for web-based systems.  You will be the interface between the client’s business needs and our development team.  You will be our client’s expert and champion on how the system should work, keeping an eye on what is being developed and ensuring that it is on target and easy to use by the targeted end users.  Responsibilities include testing and quality assurance activities, as well as documentation and training on web-based systems.

You will join a project at conception and see it through to completion, but may be called upon to pitch in on another project where needed.  We expect you to be multi-disciplined and multi-talented.  You will become an expert in how our tools work and will know what sorts of user experience models work best within our toolset.  You will work on classic business analyst activities like writing functional specifications, documenting quality assurance artifacts, mapping data relationships and defining process flows.  But you will also keep an eye on the aesthetic beauty, elegance, and overall quality of the solutions being produced by your team.  Skills with testing and tasking tools, along with an ability to engender trust and respect with clients are crucial to your success. You don’t need to be a project manager but we do expect you to be aware of the timeline and budget, and design your solutions accordingly. Phase2 is a very collaborative place, and we want you to seek input and feedback on your work from your team, who will inevitably contain both artistic and technical members.

As you gain experience across projects and subject matters here, we encourage you to examine our methodology, artifacts, and processes with an eye towards improving them, rooting out inefficiencies, and generally using those solutions skills not just for our clients, but for our company as well.  Depending on your experience level, we may start you in a position where you are working in a support role with another one of our Solutions Analysts.  Check your egos at the door, please.


• Develop and frame requirements through client discussions, user interviews and ongoing communications
• Conceive of creative information architecture and user experiences using best practices
• Compose web-based user interfaces with wireframing and other visually demonstrative techniques
• Document, via annotations or other artifact clarifications, how any given functionality will work
• Create functional and technical documentation within company standards and best practices
• Perfect artifacts, tools, templates and approaches to work throughout the project life cycle
• Work with technical architects and developers to inform the functional designs of web systems
• Fully understand the solution framework and ensure that a conceptual approach is feasible prior to presenting to the client
• Write and execute functional test scripts, create test plans, and document results
• Be held accountable for the delivery and quality of the systems you build with your team
• Use information gained through market and technology research to improve solutions and suggest enhancements pro-actively
• Prepare and deliver end-user and technical documentation
• Provide solution-specific training and mentoring to clients
• Document processes and techniques for re-use on other projects
• Perform other related duties as assigned


• Must possess at least 4 years of software project experience
• Must possess at least 2 years of experience with business analyst responsibilities
• Comprehensive knowledge of the principles and concepts of web-based software development
• Experience conveying system design and project domain concepts through UML or other modeling techniques
• Understanding of content management systems (CMS), such as Drupal
• Understanding of most basic and some advanced Internet technologies
• Understanding and personal experience with social media and other current online trends
• Experience illustrating information architecture and user interface mechanisms to facilitate client understanding
• Experience developing requirements, use cases, user stories, etc
• Knowledge of life cycle processes, to include planning, analysis, design, development, testing, etc
• Willingness and attitude to help customers find workable and pragmatic solutions
• Intellectual curiosity with an interest in learning new technologies and practices
• Superb verbal and written communication skills
• Ability to work independently and as part of a team
• Ability to manage time across a variety of tasks and projects
• Must be a US Citizen or Greencard Holder


• Experience with Agile development methodologies such as SCRUM, Extreme Programming (XP), or a phased iterative methodology such as the Rational Unified Process (RUP)
• Experience managing customer expectations and facilitating client interaction
• Development and harvesting of business rules, leading to the design of applications
• Experience leading and facilitating training sessions
• Experience providing direct customer support and assistance
• Understanding or experience with online publishing, open government, or community-based systems and business practices
• Knowledge of web-based solutions including data driven websites, portals, web services, content management systems (CMS), contact relationship management (CRM), e-commerce (EC), membership management and online community solutions
• IT development and/or a consulting background

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