Junior Developer

Junior Developer


Have you been coding PHP applications since leaving your mother’s womb? Does the word “Drupal” actually mean something to you? Unafraid of being challenged to turn your (obviously awesome) ideas into hot, liquid code?


Kalamuna wants a word with you. Working on the wrong side of the bay (Oakland, CA), Kalamuna is the new kid on the Drupal block, the guy “authorities” tell you to stay away from, but whom you can’t say no to. Right now we’re looking to reinforce our legion of free-thinking developers with a padawan Drupalista. Let’s see if this is you:


Basic Skills

  • Extensive experience coding in PHP and other C-descended languages.

  • Knowledge of CSS, HTML, MySQL, Git, basic server configuration: you know, the standard stuff. Can you install a stock CMS on a blank Rackspace instance? How about a project you built?

  • Adherence to community-defined best practices when they exist, creator of them when they don’t.

  • Ability to constructively discuss ideas and take criticism. We can smell assholes from a mile away (although that’s not all we do in our spare time). Be warned.

  • Desire to learn about everything new, hip, and (most importantly) useful in web development. Kalamuna is hot for things like responsive design, SASS/Compass, NodeJS, Angular, and Puppet; what do your Instapaper account and “free-time” projects say you’re into?


Bonus Skills

  • Familiarity with Drupal 6/7. This can be shown through custom modules and themes, commits to community projects, and patches. Animosity towards certain large, established Drupal businesses helps too.



  • Jamming on a keyboard to make deafeningly good code. Seriously, you need to enjoy making great web applications to work with us.

  • Communicating with your fellow Kalamuna cultists and occasionally (*shock*) clients on a regular basis. We will consider remote applicants, but you have to be ready to drink the Kalamuna kool-aid and hang out with us on chat, video conference, and, when the technology becomes available, project your corporeal image into our office.


The Fine Print

Here’s the deal: all positions are contract-to-hire (helps us not hire aforementioned assholes, if we fail to smell them). We enjoy the company of people in all shapes, sizes, textures, etc, so minorities and women PLEASE apply. All resumes must be accompanied by code examples and a link to where we can see your work roaming the digital savana (aka internet).