BADCamp Behind the Scenes

Sunday, November 9 2014
Time: 11:00am - 12:00pm

Planning BADCamp is more than just a hobby, or a pastime, or even a community effort -- it's a perennial obsession, a kind of shared collective insanity that drives us to organize one of the largest Drupal events in the world, year after year.

For us, it's a labor of love and the embodiment of our ideals: diversity, equality, freedom and a belief that technology can empower and bring about positive change to the world.

Come join a panel of some of the core organizers of BADCamp where we'll talk about the method and madness of organizing the event year after year, and share lessons learned that can help you with your local tech community, meetup or event.

Presented by:

  • Matt Cheney
  • Darius Garza
  • David Hwang
  • Jen Lampton
  • Kate Miller
  • Meghan Sweet
  • Anne Stefanyk
  • Crystal Williams