Bridging the Web Accessibility Gap - Drupal 8 and Section 508 Refresh

Session Speaker(s): 
Saturday, November 8 2014
Time: 1:30pm - 2:30pm

Web accessibility has been important for non-profits, educational institutions & government agencies for ages in the USA thanks to Section 508, but it is becoming increasingly important for competitive businesses as well. Drupal 7's accessibility is still outstanding, but Drupal 8 Core is even better! Learn about some of the big improvements in Core that you'll want to be leveraging in your Drupal 8 themes & modules. Get a better understanding of WAI-ARIA and how this W3C Standard can help you remove barriers for screen-reader users. The Drupal community is striving to make our code (and sites) accessible by default. Learning what of that behavior you can leverage can save you a lot of site development time.