Is Drupal Sustainable?

Session Speaker(s): 
Sunday, November 9 2014
Time: 1:30pm - 2:30pm

Web technologies are evolving at amazing speeds. Drupal is growing in usage, community and code base, and with this growth Drupal is evolving too. Just like in biology, with rapidly changing environments, there are cycles of new life and extinction, and with the massive changes in Drupal 8 many are making predictions about how Drupal will fare in the new cycle.

There is great optimism about the changes and improvements in Drupal 8, but there are also many that are waving warning signs about the more dire paths that Drupal could be stepping upon.

In this session I will bring as many of these perspectives together to crystalize the conversation around Drupal sustainability by looking at Drupal’s current state and by connecting the dots that allow us to arrive at the place where Drupal should be.

Will we be able to connect the dots, or should we be looking in different directions? This is an important conversation that we should continuously have without the blinders of our love for Drupal. Lets get started.


I am very happy that Dries himself brought this converstion to the front-page of things we should care about in the Drupal community by focusing his DrupalCon Amsterdam Keynote around the analysis of sustainability and possible solutions to achieve it. I look forward to the continuation of this conversation, to the different angles from which we can look at the issue, and to the many other things we can do to reach the necessary balance.