Getting started with Vagrant

Session Speaker(s): 
Sunday, November 9 2014
Room: Warp Zone
Time: 10:00am - 10:30am

The year was 2013. The place was BADCamp. As I wandered from session to session I kept hearing about Vagrant, a free open source tool for creating and configuring disposable virtual environments. Shiny! But, I didn't know anything about it.

So, over the last year I challenged myself to learn to use Vagrant in Drupal core development and other projects. In this talk I would like to introduce you to working with Vagrant:

  • What is Vagrant and why you might want to use it
  • New vocabulary! what are providers, provisioners, boxes
  • Vagrant and Drupal
  • Common problems you might encounter when working with Vagrant and tips to make your experience with Vagrant better
  • Vagrant resources

If you have used Acquia Dev Desktop or MAMP/WAMP/XAMPP and want a more flexible virtual environment for your projects, or are simply curious about working with Vagrant and want to get a solid overview, this talk is for you.