Making Drupal Friendly for Editors and Clients

Session Speaker(s): 
Saturday, November 8 2014
Room: Warp Zone
Time: 2:00pm - 2:30pm

Sometimes ‘node’ is a four letter word. One of those taboo phrases that you’d rather not use in front of your clients. My team loves Drupal; we’re down right evangelists. But our clients just want a website that is easy to use. Making Drupal friendly for clients means checking all of the ‘node’, ‘taxonomy’, blocks’, and other jargon at the door and building interfaces that are intuitive and distraction free. Topics include:

  • creating personalized dashboards for authors and editors;
  • defining roles and permissions that follow an organizations workflow;
  • modifying the node add and edit forms;
  • adding contextual help to administrative forms and interfaces;
  • incorporating inline form validation; and
  • choosing field and widget types that that best fit the content.

This session is for beginning site-builders. It includes a roundup of useful module to customize the Drupal interfaces; tips for configuring Drupal core settings; and examples of using views and some simple hooks for taking control of your theme and content types.

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