Towards Drupal 8: Using Twig in Drupal 7 at Twitter

Session Speaker(s): 
Saturday, November 8 2014
Room: Warp Zone
Time: 3:00pm - 3:30pm

Twitter uses Drupal for its editorial content such as blogs or developer documentation.

The team has been building and improving tools to enhance editor's productivity as well as our own productivity. When I started working in the team I was surprised by the lack of a modern template engine which led me to implement Twig in our Drupal 7 environment.

We found a lot of values in migrating to Drupal 8 however as our platform supports more and more sites it would be difficult to migrate them all at once so intead we decided to migrate our platform bit-by-bit before the official release.

This session will demonstrate using concrete examples how we integrated Twig and how we leverage it. I will talk about why modern template engines are useful, why Twig is a very powerful tool and why it should get you excited about Drupal 8.

But it was not all that easy! This session will also highlight the challenges related to inconsistencies in modules, renderable arrays and security requirements to name a few.

Some basic knowledge in theming on Drupal and modern template engines will help you get the most of the presentation. Reading about template inheritance will also be helpful.

My name is Thomas Potaire, I joined Twitter last year and it is my first experience on Drupal. I previously worked with Symfony2 at CBS Interactive. I digged into some of the darkest corners of our Drupal 7 environment (caching, user module, filesystem) and immediately saw how Drupal 8 would benefit us.