A Well-Oiled Content Deployment Machine

Session Speaker(s): 
Sunday, November 9 2014
Room: Haunted Mansion
Time: 10:00am - 11:00am

Managing content on Drupal can be as simple as making changes straight on production, however that is risky and can be very dangerous. If something goes wrong, you're to blame. Also, if you do not set up your content deployment strategy correctly for your company's processes, it can be inefficient and clunky, and as a result you and Drupal are to blame. Have no fear, this has all been solved already with a series of best practices and well-seasoned modules! In this session, I will teach how to reduce the risk and inefficiencies in your current content deployment process and turn your Drupal site into that well-oiled content deployment machine! I will talk about the following content deployment strategies, how to setup them up, and when you should use them:

  • Modifying content on production
  • Creating a review process
  • Staging content before migration to production

These strategies include use of the following modules:

  • Workbench & Workbench Moderation
  • Workflow
  • Revisioning
  • Deploy

About the Presenter

James McBryan runs TechScouts, an enterprise Drupal freelance agency located in Oakland, CA that specializes in Drupal architecture and custom backend development.  Having developed on Drupal for the past 5 years, and previously run a larger agency of 8 individuals, James' Drupal knowledge spans from backend development to product management to building businesses.  James was also previously president of Hubmasters, a Toastmaster's club for entrepreneurs, and he currently runs 2 startups, OurVolts ( built in Drupal, iOS, and Android ) and GroupCarpool ( built in Ruby on Rails ).