Kalabox is a free, integrated workflow solution for Drupal developers. It’s the thing that connects all your things -- including your Pantheon account -- to provide a complete desktop-to-live workflow loop. First developed by Kalamuna as an internal tool, people all over the world now use it to code, test and go live faster than ever.

Kalabox brings together everything you need to code, test, and go live, with ease. It moves beyond the "local development environment" to provide a complete desktop-to-live workflow loop.

Kalabox ships with a one-click installer which sets up a fully configured dev stack within a virtual machine. It’s the only stack that ships with NGINX and Apache Solr by default, and is performance-tuned for Drupal -- making developing on a local rig blazing fast and more efficient than ever.

It’s loaded with an impressive array of goodies, ssh, git, apc, drush, PHPMyAdmin, samba, webgrind, xdebug and loads more giving you instant access to the basics (ssh, git, phpMyAdmin,)  and advanced tools like caching, debugging and profiling tools, right out of the box. It exposes the Kalabox webroot to your file-system so you can load your code in your favorite code-editor or IDE, rather than from within the virtual machine.

Kalabox provides a Node.js frontend so you can quickly spin up new Drupal sites, access utilities and tweak your environment without earning devOps ninja-pants.

It also integrates with Pantheon, allowing you to build your Pantheon sites locally, refresh your data, files and code -- all with a single click.

It works, and it’s totally rad.