Top Shelf Modules

We saw a need for a business solution to support module maintainers. We experienced the ecosystem of modules crumbling: modules abandoned, unfinished, unmanaged and a crew of discouraged and unpaid maintainers means Drupal as a CMS was presented a bleak future. One of Drupal's main strengths is the power, compatability and number of modules. Without this, Drupal will be challenged to compete for enterprise business.

Top Shelf Modules (formerly Drupal Anywhere) is undertaking the business goal of improving contributed modules by creating a funding platform that rewards high-quality modules with revenue sharing. Monetizing open-source in a meaningful way that does not change the nature of our community is very complex. We feel we have a solid solution for doing just that. This is a grassroots, community-driven process. Without your participation, our chaotic and unstable contrib module process will impeded Drupal's adoption and retention. We need a viable solution for generating revenue around contributed modules for the long-term viability of our community.

The TSM approach will:

  • Keep modules free on
  • Support the Drupal Association
  • Reward for high-quality module work and maintenance
  • Make module maintainership a viable career
  • Increase the adoption rate
  • Make customers happier and projects easier
  • Improve everyone's bottom line
  • With better quality modules and maintenance, we all win. Check out our website and become an Advocate if you think we're on the a good path to better Drupal.