Andres Garzon
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Managing Director
Andres has been at the helm of internet innovation for more than ten years. He's captained three companies, working in everything from development, operations to senior management. These experiences lend him a real breadth of understanding for the ways technology works. Jobsity is the company that currently serves as the base for all his endeavors. The team recently helped Code and Theory with the development of NBC and NBC Sports site for the Sochi Winter Olympics. is the world’s most visited site during the two weeks of the event, attracting more than 2 billion users. While at Jobsity, Andres started two products with the goals of learning new technologies and creating something awesome with the team. is a pricing tool for designers and web developers and is a social reporting tool to help reduce crime in Ecuador. Users report cases where they’ve been victims of a crime or they have witnessed a crime. It's like foursquare for fighting crime. Andres holds an MBA from Fordham University and a BS in Multimedia Programming from USFQ Ecuador. He and his wife live with their two-year-old daughter in New York City. He runs marathons and is working to master his skiing skills.