Mariano Crivello
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Technical Account Manager
Former Blackhat turned Open-Source evangelist. Mariano is a seasoned LAMP sysop/developer with over 16 years of web development experience across a large cross section of industries. "After a long stint on the wrong site of the technical fence, I decided to focus my attention to systems that create change, not chaos. You do wild things in your 20s.... and im lucky im not dead or in prison. ;-)" Specializing in Enterprise level Drupal integrations, Mariano has a knack for performance and security. Working for Acquia the past 2 years has exposed him to some of the largest and most complex Drupal implementations known to date. Seeing them launch and run with success is how he earns his paycheck. When he is not working with teams around the country to harness the power of Drupal and guiding people through the community, he is Dj'ing a warehouse party or dreaming of surf and food in far off lands. "When the wave breaks here.... Don't be there... or you are gonna get drilled!" ~Turtle Username: 
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