Anietie Ekanem
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Managing Partner
Mr. Anietie Ekanem has been involved in social media, marketing, product management, and development for over 18 years. In his current position at, he is responsible for implementing social networks and marketing for business and non-profits. Social Niche Guru Inc. ( helps foundations and corporations determine the right product and the right message for the right NICHE at the right time. We help them meet and exceed metrics and ROI through our SITETM strategy or social media, internet, traditional, and email marketing. Services include strategic planning across all marketing; social media and mobile marketing implementation; and sms, and mobile app development. Social Niche Guru Inc. has implemented learning communities and social media strategy for Atlantic Foundation, $4b spend down foundation, through the Community Experience Partnership. University of California used Social Niche Guru Inc. to develop and deploy their online social media strategy. Anietie has a Bachelor of Science form Stanford University in Computer Systems Engineering. Username: 
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